Hello Again…
Finally! After all the cold winter days March rolls around, and with it comes the promise of sunshine, spring showers, green grass, flowers, and OUTDOOR FUN!

Spring is my favorite season in Asheville, and a busy time for the business as people start planning summer parties and festivals. So, in the spirit of summer, we are taking a look at one of our favorite products for summer: the Inflatable Tropical Slip & Slide.

What is not to love about a Slip and Slide? Last summer it traveled to an awesome Burnsville farm for a birthday party. Most of the kids were around 8 years old, and while they could not muster up the strength to make it all the way down the slide into the pool, the were able to run half-way down and then slide. They played all afternoon… Talk about a Happy Birthday!

But the Slip & Slide is as much fun for adults as it is for children. That’s right: For all you adults out there who think you are way to old to be taking a running dive onto the hard ground, there is a solution: 30′ of inflatable softness for your sliding pleasure. We set it up at a parking lot party we had last fall, and there were more adults in line than kids. Kids at heart, we love it!

And while this may not be in the true adventure spirit… I know that I plan on having it blown up at my house numerous times this summer, and all I plan on doing is sitting under the tropical palm trees, relaxing, and having a cold beverage. I may be in downtown Asheville, but I will be in the Caribbean at heart.

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