Sure it seems like a great description for certain upbeat folks, but even stuffy people like to have fun.  Some people just need a little coaxing in order to get their kicks.

So when you are planning a party or wedding, don’t rely on inviting only the friends who bring along buckets of laughs and a light-hearted attitude.  Remember that you can help everyone reach their “fun potential” by making it easy for your guests to play their way to an upbeat attitude.  That could involve something organized like a a ping-pong tournament bracket and prizes for the competitors.  This would be a good idea if you have some guests who might not ordinarily branch out and interact with party-goers that they aren’t familiar with.  Or the party host could play “sneaky matchmaker” and pair up a couple of eligible singles in a doubles foosball tournament.  It’s a great way to trick folks into getting close to each other, without being as blatant as busting out the Twister mat.

We all know that games are a great ice-breaker, don’t let the high price tag of owning traditional table games stop you from reaping the benefits.  Another benefit of renting games is that you get to bring folks to a setting that is already familiar.  The bright lights and loud sounds of a game room can actually inhibit some folks, and not everyone is comfortable with the bar setting that often accompanies table games like pool and foosball.  By having a gathering at the house or neighborhood park, you can avoid the food and drink price-gouging that happens when you venture out into the scary world of commerce.

If you need a reminder of what games can do for social functions, watch a group of kids that just met and see how quickly they find a way to interact and compete.  Luckily, when it comes to adults the interactions rarely result in tears and time-out.  What you can expect is for the ice to be broken, laughs to be had, and your party to quickly loosen up.  The coolest part is… you don’t have to make a huge investment to have premium table games at a party, you can affordably rent them from Rental Me This for the weekend, sit back, and reap the benefits!