Projectors may seems boring when you first think of them, but we have had some customers recently that have done some really fun stuff using them. Here are some of their ideas… maybe they could fit into your next event.

Outdoor Movie Nights: I promise, its really fun. It can be a movie or sporting event. It can be on a sheet on the side of a house, or on our big inflatable movie screen. It can be a horror movie or the Superbowl. It’s just fun. I’ve watched movies in our friends’ backyard, and we’ve watched the Superbowl outside at our favorite bar,the Bywater on Riverside Drive. It makes viewing more social! And its awesome!

Memories: Its hard to plan an exciting birthday or anniversary party for grandparents, but we had a family recently that created a slideshow of old pictures and showed them at their parents 60th anniversary party. Some of the pictures were of the couple, but most were just family pictures than spanned the 60 years they had been together. The grandparents said it was one of the best gifts they had ever received, and everyone loves a trip down memory lane.

Parties: We definitely have had a few different customers use projectors to play video games. People can use them inside or outside, and it creates an awesome atmosphere for gaming. However, my favorite party application has been using the projector and having an all request “YouTube Party.” We all know those old funny songs that we used to get down to as kids. Pick a person to run the laptop, and everyone at the party can request their favorite dance songs and watch the videos. Think MTV Jams circa 1990.

Weddings: We had a bride a few weeks ago surprise her husband with a photo slide show of pictures of the two of them. They had been dating since college, and the guests absolutely loved seeing pictures of the kids when they were younger… the groom was totally surprised, and it was an easy and thoughtful gift that everyone enjoyed.